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Young Kim 은 스페인 이비자와 이태리 밀라노를 기반으로 한국 싸이트랜스를 전세계에 알려 온 한국을 대표하는 싸이트랜스 프로듀서이자 DJ 이다. 1990년도 후반, 영국 런던에서 DJ를 시작해서 그 당시 영국에서 가장 유명한 2개의 싸이트랜스 파티 ' ChiChime ' 와 ' Fairy Tales ' 의 레지던트 DJ 로 활동하며 런던의 싸이트랜스 르네상스 시대를 이끌었다. Young Kim 은 스페인 Ibiza 의 Etnicanet Records 의 라벨 매니저와 아티스트로 활동하며, 오스트레일리아 Maitreya Festival, 브라질 Universo Paralello, 사우스아프리카 Solar Eclipse Festival, 스위스 Shankra Festival 등 20여년 동안 지구촌 구석구석의 댄스플로워에서 셀수없는 공연을 하였다. 2007년, 지금은 싸이트랜스 레전드 아티스트 Etnica 와 함께 ' ARKNOYDZ ' 프로젝트로 'Type One' 앨범을 발표하였고, 많은 콜라보레이션 앨범에 참여했으며, Young Kim 의 솔로 앨범 ' Totemism ' 시리즈 1, 2 를 발매하여 프로듀서로서도 큰 명성을 쌓았다. 그의 3번째 앨범 런칭을 위해 EAT STATIC, EARTHLING, ATMOS, WAIO, ETNICA, PLEIADIANS, MENTAL BROADCAST, PIXEL vs WRECKED MACHINES 등 세계의 탑 아티스트들과 함께 스튜디오 작업을 하고 있으며. 또한, Melody Island Music & Art Gathering 뮤직디렉터와 아티스트로서 국내 싸이트랜스 씬을 이끌고 있다.

Korean-Italian YOUNG KIM began DJ’ing professionally in the late 90’s during his university years in London, where thanks also to his residencies for 2 of the top psytrance events [Chichime and Fairy Tales] he enjoyed major presence during the Psychedelic Rennaissance of London’s early noughties. Thus, at the tender age of 19, he received Max Lanfranconi [ETNICA / PLEIADIANS]'s invitation to join his newly minted Ibiza-based record label ETNICANET Records - Young never looked back and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, for well over a decade, Young consistently performs across the planet for the world’s most prestigious as well as truly underground dancefloors, as ETNICANET Records’ musician, DJ, and label manager, showcasing a unique blend of Eastern charisma & Mediterranean waywardness: from the beaches of Ibiza and Goa to the shores of Auckland and Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Koh Phangan and Stromboli Island [Sicily]; label parties in the Chilean Andes and ancient castles amidst the elfin Swiss Alps; eclipse festivals in Turkey, South Africa and Australia; elite clubs in the concrete jungles of Seoul, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Sydney and Beirut; Paris to London and Thessaloniki to Belgrade; from Rome to Antalya and Andalusia; Zambujeira do Mar to Bahia and the desert party madness on the holy grounds of Jerusalem... and way over yonder. Amidst all this, Young frequently jet-sets from Milan's catwalk shows & Fashion Week dancefloors to the neon-lit dawns of Seoul’s infamous Gangnam district, with its super clubs, and the Korean underground mecca: Hongdae. Young is known for his spotless mixing technique and invincible musical selection, specialising not only in blasting clubs [Club Octagon and Club Volume in Seoul; Sala Murano and Teatro Caupolican in Chile; K4 in Ljubljana; Magazzini Generali, Leoncavallo, Alcatraz, and Livello 57 in Italy; NOX, Clash and Club-A in Brazil, etc] but even more so on extended sets perfect for outdoor festivals [he frequently performs for annual ‘musts’ such as Maitreya Festival in Australia where he is asked to perform multiple, extended sets, and Universo Paralello in Brazil]. Young’s role proved essential in bringing the Etnicanet sound to every major city of countries like Brazil and Italy, while significantly contributing to the burgeoning of lovely scenes like Chile and South Korea. The SOUTHAFRICA 2000 Millennium Festival and SOUTHAFRICA 2002 Total Solar Eclipse Festival by Etnicanet Records helped put the South African psytrance scene on the map, while the CELEBRA BRASIL festivals [20012002-2003] were the first of their kind in Brazil [also one of today's undisputed festival capitals] and the entire South American continent. Various Artists: "TOTEMISM 3 compiled by DJ YOUNG KIM" [ Etnicanet Records - Ibiza ] From the shores of ANJUNA and IBIZA to the concrete jungles of SEOUL, LONDON, MILAN and BELGRADE; the byblical forests of BEIRUT to legendary eclipse festivals & doofs in AUSTRALIA, the magikal Eleusinian rituals in GREECE to the LOVE PARADE celebrations in PARIS and desert parties in ISRAEL to lush dancefloors under hypernatural immense skies of NEW ZEALAND: “TOTEMISM 3” is the culmination of Etnicanet label manager DJ YOUNG KIM’s world tours, his constant search for the most inspiring dancefloor tunes, and a myriad studio hours collaborating with some of his favourite musicians. Featured artists include EAT STATIC, EARTHLING, ATMOS, WAIO, ETNICA, PLEIADIANS, MENTAL BROADCAST, PIXEL vs WRECKED MACHINES, ARKANOYDZ, YOUNG, and more! Totemism 3 will be released this year on his Ibiza based label ETNICANET and PsyTemple will get a very special presentation of this monster release!